Incoming and Brand Summit 2018

The German National Tourist Board is hosting the 2nd Incoming and Brand Summit in Weimar, Thuringia. Together with international experts and media representatives from the GNTB’s target markets, topics relating to Germany as a travel destination brand will be discussed. The main focus will be on culture and the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus. Here you will find the Twitter live coverage of the event.

Twitter live coverage


#gntbsummit18 in Weimar – Pre-Convention-Tour
#gntbsummit18 in Weimar – Day 1
#gntbsummit18 in Weimar – Day 2
#gntbsummit18 in Weimar – Post-Convention-Tour, Day 1
#gntbsummit18 in Weimar – Post-Convention-Tour, Day 2
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