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Bed & Bike: Cyclists welcome!

20 years of ADFC quality certification Bed & Bike (Bett+Bike). Since 1995, the German Cyclists' Federation (ADFC) certified bike-friendly accommodation across Germany. In more than 4,100 towns, cities and resorts, the ADFC has certified the quality of accommodation providers offering facilities and services for cyclists.

Well travelled, well rested

An overnight cycling trip can pose several challenges – not only for the travellers themselves, but for the accommodation providers too. Where can you put your bike when you get there? Where can you dry off wet cycling gear? And can you get help with any bike repairs? There are now more than 5,500 certified 'Bed & Bike' establishments in Germany, from star-rated hotels to campsites, equipped to answers these questions.

They have all fulfilled the ADFC's quality criteria, earning themselves the right to display the current year's 'Bed & Bike' logo sticker.
Services offered by bike-friendly accommodation:

• Allow touring cyclists to stay for one night at a time
• Offer secure bike storage
• Provide tools for basic repairs
• Good stock of maps.

The Bed & Bike directory and the new Bed & Bike App

Read more about our full criteria and browse for bike-friendly accommodation on our website at . You can refine your search to find the perfect place for your needs – simply filter the results by name, place, postcode, cycle route or region.

The free Bed & Bike app provides up-to-the-minute information on all certified Bed & Bike accommodation in Germany and Europe. Various search functions allow you to filter establishments according to your own interests and requirements, and to show them on a map. You can save suitable options in a list of favourites, call them to make a reservation or plot a route from your current location to your desired accommodation.

Find your bike-friendly accommodation here

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